These innovations are not just useful for social or business purposes. More scientists are collaborating across the globe to further our understanding of the world around us and the universe beyond us.  Increased functionality from services such as those provided by Microsoft and Skype will allow such collaboration to be even more widely, and readily, available.

The spirit of international collaboration is one of the defining features of the International Space Station. Multiple nations are working together to study space in hopes of unlocking all of its

Technology has a trend of democratizing the field in which they are applied. For example, SpaceX’s recent launch of the first refurbished rockets is going to play an immense part in widening the field in terms of who will be able to launch people and technology into space.

Blockchain technology also has the potential of being a revolutionary step toward breaking down all international barriers. The tech could help to completely root out corruption and allow the world to work together safely, reliably, and with unprecedented transparency.

So whether its direct language translation, cheaper spaceflight, or revolutionary record keeping, technology is one of the greatest tools humanity has to unite us all.