4 Unique Business Models to Keep an Eye On

TwinStar Media August 18, 2015 0
4 Unique Business Models to Keep an Eye On

Thinking of setting up a business? You could look to some of these for inspiration. If there’s one thing that unites these four, it’s not only that they are providing a new service, but it’s the way in which they’re doing it. All of them are establishing unique new ways to make things work and to make things happen. Sometimes their concepts are bold and inspiring, but in many cases, it’s a simple idea that proves to be the most powerful. And, of course, the most useful, slotting into our lives like it had always been there. Perhaps the road less traveled can lead to the palace of success, or maybe it’s just a case of circumventing the usual path to take us where we all want to go anyway.

Read about them below, and make sure you check them out.


CarSpring is primed to flip the automotive reselling market on its head. As an obvious departure from the model of a traditional car dealership, users of CarSpring can circumvent dealing with hidden fees and waiting around for viewing appointments. Browse through automotive listings at your own leisure, and connect with owners selling pre-owned cars from the likes of Audi, BMW, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, and many other leadings names in the auto industry. In a nutshell, CarSpring ensures fair prices, no paperwork, and even free delivery of your new car, on top of a 14-day money-back guarantee, and a six-month warranty.


That moment – motionless in time – watching your phone tumble from your hand to clatter on the floor, landing face down. Many of us have been there, and given how common cracked iPhone screens are these days, you might imagine that Apple themselves would be offering a viable solution (for less than $100). Enter iCracked, a phone screen repair company that will come straight to your house, office, or even a coffee shop in your neighborhood, to fix your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Samsung Galaxy on the spot.

Bionic Yarn

This New York-based textile start-up is arguably about to create a small but not insignificant revolution in the fashion industry. Bionic Yarn makes textiles from fibers incorporating recycled ocean plastic, weaving them with other fibers – be it cotton, linen, wool or nylon – for effect and feel. Founded by Tyson Toussant and Tim Coombs, their initial inspiration came from Patagonia’s 1993 line of fleece jackets made from recycled plastic. Fast forward 22 years and Toussant and Coombs’ company now boasts three brands of distinct textiles, counts Pharrell Williams as its Creative Director, and is now releasing its third G-Star RAW collection in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans. As our oceans are clogged with plastic, to call Bionic Yarn’s work important would be a slight understatement.


The idea of ordering food online is nothing new. UK market leaders, Just Eat, have been doing it for years. But what’s shaken the industry up ever so slightly is the arrival of Deliveroo. The London-based start-up eschews takeaway joints in favor of local and franchise restaurants that span the price range. In London at least, they even have the Michelin-starred Trishna on their books. Deliveroo has opened up delivery services to eateries previously unable to offer it, with the start-up supplying simply a tablet and a bluetooth printer and handling all packaging, delivery, booking and even helping signed-up locations to create their online menus. As such, with their recent launch in France and Germany, don’t be surprised to see Deliveroo making their first tentative footsteps outside of Europe very soon.

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